Lime Plastering

Traditional Lime plastering. We work with natural lime plaster here at South Devon Lime.

Lime plaster is a type of plaster composed of sand, water, and lime, usually non-hydraulic hydrated lime. Ancient lime plaster often contained horse hair for reinforcement and pozzolan additives to reduce the working time also to protect from frost.


Why should you commission us to use lime in your next project? Because it is an incredible product. Let us tell you why we love it.


The right material for the job
Traditional plasters provide an attractive and appropriate finish for heritage properties – and one that has been proven to last! Lime plaster offers advantages over cement based mortars and gypsum plasters for the lime plastering of traditional properties.


Breathability is essential in older properties,
and properties built using traditional materials and methods. It helps to preserve the structure of the building, reduce damp and create a healthier living environment inside.


Its flexibility and elasticity allows for the inevitable movement of structures, reducing shrinkage and cracking.


Vapour permeable
Allows buildings to breathe, so that when moisture forms it can escape.


Lime surfaces and materials can become stronger over time through the formation of calcite crystals that form in lime-rich environments.


Humidity control
Lime can remove moisture from the air when there’s too much, and release it back when the air gets too dry, all of which makes for healthier and more pleasant living conditions. This helps to reduce condensation problems and regulate humidity.


Environmentally friendly
The plasters are natural, they allow for the recovery and reuse of building materials, and they re-absorb carbon dioxide as they cure.


Before the twentieth century building techniques and materials were very different from those employed today. Traditional properties need to “breathe” to allow moisture inherent in a solid wall construction to evaporate from external stonework or render.


Lime Putty was the base product widely used to produce mortar, plaster and limewash for traditional buildings. Lime putty mortars offer advantages over cement based mortars for external rendering of these properties, especially when decorated with a breathable paint such as limewash.


In contrast to these breathable lime materials, too many traditional buildings are repaired and renovated using harder and impermeable materials designed for modern buildings of completely different construction methods. The result of this is often worse damp problems. South Devon Lime also offer Prices to paint with either lime wash or silicate Paint.

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Providing a wide range of services from lime rendering & plastering to roofing, carpentry & brickwork…

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